How It Works

E-Boss Foundation project is rebuilt around a board circler MLM matrix system with spillover. Our mission is to carry out donation of Notebooks to students and children in orphanage homes across the country and this serve as a major valuable physical product among other products we have.

When you join us in the course of donation and given back to society, you are to contribute N5,500 one time payment which covers 10 copies of Notebooks + profit share among board circle members. This way, you earn good profit reward from subsequent sales of our donation materials.

Benefit And Compensation Plan

The empowerment starts with you as you take action to join this mission. E-Boss Foundation board is built with 2 x 2 matrix circle which means you only need to introduce just 2 persons to join us in this course of donation and contribute with us.

If you introduce more than 2, it will spillover to your downlines which means you are helping them to grow with you as a team. Your downlines need to introduce just 2 persons each as well to complete your circle while you roll in to another board circle stage to continue earning matching bonus as we continue this mission.

You earn:
N500 sign bonus once you register successfully,
N1,000 commission from each person you introduce direct commission in level 1,
N1,000 commission from each person your downline introduce in level 2 and
N6,000 matching bonus when you complete your circle while you earn extra ranking bonus for your performance base on the numbers of people you introduce to E-Boss Foundation upon administration review.

How To Cash Out

To cash out your earning is very simple. We have bank transfer withdrawal method, member to member fund transfer and you can purchase e-pin or other product with your earning. Withdrawal is enable weekly on every Thursday while your payment get processed within 24 - 48 hours.

How to Join And Make Payment

We make use of e-pin, bank transfer and online payment via paystack.

Once you make payment either online or bank transfer, you will get e-pin which you will use to register and activate your account. You will also get your 10 copies of notebooks waybill to your location for you to either use it or share around you, better still, you can order for more copies. Otherwise, you can leave it with us for monthly distribution because you will have to pay for the waybill depending on your location.

If you are willing to join a team and get your e-pin for registration. Contact the following active team leaders / e-pin resellers

  Team Name

  Phone Number 

  E-Boss Fast Track   


  Revolution Team  


  Fast Cycling Team 


Otherwise, kindly follow this link to pay via paystack http://bit.ly/pay5500online.

And then whatsapp PSO via this link http://bit.ly/ebosspayment for confirmation or bank transfer payment method.

E-Boss Foundation 2 x 2 Board Matrix