E-Boss Foundation MLM concept is different and unique, we have a virtual digital product (E-Book) with a fixed amount of ₦10,000 as a membership purchase to activation your E-Boss starter account. This E-Book product contains what to do task and guide to life time earning on E-Boss Foundation. You will be required to perform a simple promotion and reqruitment of at least 4 members with us as a task.

The empowerment and life time earning starts with you as you take action with the task on your product purchased. You will be given 30 days to perform this promotion and recruitment task with us, when you are successful with this task, you will earn total of 300% of your capital and also become a full partner of E-Boss vision and enjoy the privilege of life time indirect earning and future bonus.

When you failed with this recruitment task withing 30 days after your purchase, you will get refund of your capital and your starter account will be closed. With this recruitment task, we have set up the best uni-level compensation plan to empower and reward you as a partner with a reasonable commission earning and future bonuses. We do what we preach. We support individuals, provide partners for financial freedom and give back to society with our profit from time to time on behalf of all partners.

So we have perfectly designed a 4 x 4 recruitment and earning Uni-Level Matrix system. This means, a fixed 4 recruitment downlines directly from level 1 and indirect downline earning to level 4. We give you a task of recruiting at least 4 members with us but you can recruit unlimited members under you and earn more commission directly for yourself. No spillover, no spill under, no breakaway, no force as we run a uni-level MLM model.

If you are influencer person with a lot of followers, get your 4 people in to purchase E-Boss product, teach them how to get their 4 in, and they teach their 4. By so doing, you will build a strong network of downlines while you keep earning forever as E-Boss partner. If you take action and follow this procedure and how it works as a task, YOU WILL MAKE A LOT OF MONEY!

When you join our vision, you make a purchase of your E-Boss digital handbook, a one time investment. What if you failed within 30 days? Don't worry, NO LOSS, your money is safe and you will get refund. All you have to do is to promote your referral link to sell E-Boss product, using pre-made ads, banners or the book cover itself. Your task is to recruit at least 4 people or more to also purchase and teach those four new members, guide them to get their own 4 downline in order to keep earning indirect commission as E-Boss partner forever.

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